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War Stories

View all of the war stories. Spoken from the people involved. Many stories are from before world war one.

A Saxon Chronicle
A True Report Of A Worthy Fight
Defeat Of The Spanish Fleet In The Faro Off Messina
First Steps Up The Ladder
In Indian Seas
Off Cape Finisterre
Off Gibraltar
On Board The Agamemnon
Stories Of The Second Dutch War
The Battle Of Beachy Head
The Battle Of Camperdown
The Bombardment Of Copenhagen
The Destruction Of The Algerine Navy
The Evacuation Of Corsica And The Battle Of Cape St Vincent
The Glorious First Of June
The Loss Of Hms Centaur
The Loss Of Hms Namur
The Loss Of Hms Pembroke
The Loss Of Hms Repulse
The Loss Of The Ramilies
The Loss Of The Royal George
The Mutiny Of 1797
The Mutiny Of The Bounty
The Story Of Admiral Benbow
The Story Of Admiral Blake
The Story Of Admiral The Honourable John Byng
The Story Of Captain Hornby And The French Privateer
The Story Of Lord Exmouth
The Story Of Lord Rodney
The Story Of Nelson's Boyhood
The Story Of Santa Cruz
The Story Of Sir Edward Howard
The Story Of Sir Francis Drake
The Story Of Sir George Rooke
The Story Of Sir John Berry
The Story Of Sir John Hawkins
The Story Of Sir Thomas Howard And Sir Andrew Barton
The Story Of The Battle Of The Nile
The Story Of The Battle Of Trafalgar
The Story Of The Cinque Ports
The Story Of The First Dutch War
The Story Of The Glorious Fifty-nine And The Battle Of Quiberon Bay
The Story Of The Revenge
The Story Of The Spanish Armada
The Story Of The Third Dutch War
The Victory Of La Hogue
The Voyage Made To Tripolis In Barbary
The Worthy Enterprise Of John Fox
Triumph In Retreat

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