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Hero Stories

Find a list of stories written about heros from the war.

A British Schooner Captured By Farmers In 1775
A Daring Exploit
A Famous Vessel Saved By A Poem
A Hero's Welcome
A Midnight Surprise
A Midwinter Campaign
A River Fleet In A Hail Of Fire
Benedict Arnold The Soldier-sailor
Captain Barry And His Rowboats Win A Victory Over The British
Captain Bushnell Scares The British
Captain Ingraham Teaches Austria A Lesson
Captain Lawrence Dies For The Flag
Captain Paul Jones
Captain Tucker Honored By George Washington
Commodore Farragut Wins Renown
Commodore Macdonough's Victory On Lake Champlain
Commodore Perry Opens Japan To The World
Commodore Perry Whips The British On Lake Erie
Commodore Porter Gains Glory In The Pacific
Four Naval Heroes In One Chapter
From Teamster To Major General
Hobson And The Sinking Of The Merrimac
How Palmetto Logs May Be Used
How Paul Jones Won Renown
How The Gloucester Revenged The Sinking Of The Maine
Old Hickory's Christmas
Old Ironsides
Our Greatest Patriot
Sampson And Schley Win Renown
The Crisis
The Defeat Of The Red Dragoons
The Fight Of Captain Jacob Jones
The Final Victory
The First Sea Fight Of The Revolution
The Gallant Old Ironsides And How She Captured The Guerriere
The Great Victory Of Manila Bay
The Hero Of Vincennes
The Last Naval Battle Of The Revolution
The Monitor And The Merrimac
The Moorish Pirates Of The Mediterranean
The Patriot Spy
The Sinking Of The Albemarle
The Young Decatur And His Brilliant Deeds At Tripoli

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