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War Stories

Rupert Brooke
Among the losses that the World War has caused--many of the...

The Queen's Flower
On July 25, 1918, nearly every person in Washington, the ca...

Can War Ever Be Right?
After England had entered the war against the Central Power...

Carry On!
It's easy to fight when everything's right, And yo...

A Ballad Of French Rivers
Of streams that men take honor in The Frenchman ...

Marshal Foch
A Great German philosopher said many years ago that history...

When Germany Lost The War
No man knows exactly when and where the three and twenty al...

Why We Fight Germany
Because of Belgium, invaded, outraged, enslaved, impoverish...

A King Of Heroes
"King" is not a word that will go out of use when the world...

Cardinal Mercier
He is an old man, nearly seventy, with thin, grayish-white ...

She is a wall of brass; You shall not pass! You sh...

The Hun Target The Red Cross
All the civilized nations of the world have agreed to respe...

The Charge Of The Black Watch And The Scots Greys
Sometimes a retreat is in reality a great victory. It has b...

The Belgian Prince
The Belgian Prince was a British cargo steamer. On a voyage...

He hurried away, young heart of joy, under our Devon sk...

Nations And The Moral Law
I believe there is no permanent greatness to a nation excep...

What One American Did
If a person had been standing one night beside the railroad...

The Destruction Of Louvain
More than one hundred years ago, Napoleon, the famous Frenc...

Marshal Joffre
The greatest leaders in history are often men who for the l...

The World War
The story of the World War is the story of the control of t...

Nations And The Moral Law

I believe there is no permanent greatness to a nation except it be
based upon morality. I do not care for military greatness or military
renown. I care for the condition of the people among whom I live.
Crowns, coronets, mitres, military display, the pomp of war, wide
colonies, and a huge empire are in my view all trifles, light as air
and not worth considering, unless with them you can have a fair share
of comfort, contentment, and happiness among the great body of the
people. Palaces, baronial castles, great halls, stately mansions, do
not make a nation. The nation in every country dwells in the cottage.

I ask you then to believe, as I do most devoutly believe, that the
moral law was not written for men alone in their individual character,
but that it was written as well for nations.

If nations reject and deride that moral law, there is a penalty which
will inevitably follow. It may not come at once, it may not come in our
life-time; but rely upon it, the great Italian is not a poet only, but
a prophet, when he says:

The sword of heaven is not in haste to smite,
Nor yet doth linger.


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