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War Stories

Daring The Undarable
We are thirty in the hands of Fate And thirty-one wi...

The Shot Heard Round The World
On April 19, 1775, was fired "the shot heard round the worl...

Carry On!
It's easy to fight when everything's right, And yo...

The Case Of Serbia
But Belgium is not the only little nation that has been att...

Although I am an American, I am still in the French aviatio...

Killing The Soul
As the centuries pass, the greatest glory of any nation, it...

The Torch Of Valor
The torch of valor has been passed from one brave hand to a...

The Charge Of The Black Watch And The Scots Greys
Sometimes a retreat is in reality a great victory. It has b...

A Belgian Lawyer's Appeal
One of the great lawyers of Belgium in behalf of the member...

The Mexican Plot
It is true that Germany does not know the meaning of honest...

Marshal Foch
A Great German philosopher said many years ago that history...

She is a wall of brass; You shall not pass! You sh...

Defense Of LiÉge
To Germany's unfair and treacherous proposal that Belgium b...

Bacilli And Bullets
Sir William Osler, one of the greatest medical men in the w...

There are many ways of fighting, and the Germans, in their ...

Edith Cavell
Americans are particularly interested in the story of Edith...

The Russian Revolution
The controller, as he is called on the Siberian railroad, w...

The Battles Of The Marne
At Marathon (490 B.C.) and at Salamis (480 B.C.) the Greeks...

The God In Man
A soldier on the firing step, aiming at the enemy, is sudde...

Rupert Brooke
Among the losses that the World War has caused--many of the...

Nations And The Moral Law

I believe there is no permanent greatness to a nation except it be
based upon morality. I do not care for military greatness or military
renown. I care for the condition of the people among whom I live.
Crowns, coronets, mitres, military display, the pomp of war, wide
colonies, and a huge empire are in my view all trifles, light as air
and not worth considering, unless with them you can have a fair share
of comfort, contentment, and happiness among the great body of the
people. Palaces, baronial castles, great halls, stately mansions, do
not make a nation. The nation in every country dwells in the cottage.

I ask you then to believe, as I do most devoutly believe, that the
moral law was not written for men alone in their individual character,
but that it was written as well for nations.

If nations reject and deride that moral law, there is a penalty which
will inevitably follow. It may not come at once, it may not come in our
life-time; but rely upon it, the great Italian is not a poet only, but
a prophet, when he says:

The sword of heaven is not in haste to smite,
Nor yet doth linger.


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