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World Wars

World Wars is a place to find stories about world war one and world war two from the US, Canadian perspective. Find interesting stories on American heroes. Get real accounts from wars older than world war I or world war II.

Hero Stories by Most Viewed

- A Daring Exploit
- Old Ironsides
- The Crisis
- From Teamster To Major General
- The Patriot Spy
- The Defeat Of The Red Dragoons
- Our Greatest Patriot
- Old Hickory's Christmas
- A Midnight Surprise
- The Final Victory
- Commodore Farragut Wins Renown
- A Midwinter Campaign
- The Hero Of Vincennes
- A Hero's Welcome
- How Palmetto Logs May Be Used

War Stories by Most Viewed

- Verdun
- Son
- War Dogs
- Alan Seeger
- Marshal Foch
- The Shot Heard Round The World
- Raemaekers
- Edith Cavell
- At School Near The Lines
- A King Of Heroes
- When Germany Lost The War
- The World War
- The Destruction Of Louvain
- The Battles Of The Marne
- Cardinal Mercier

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