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War Stories

What One American Did
If a person had been standing one night beside the railroad...

Marshal Joffre
The greatest leaders in history are often men who for the l...

Edith Cavell
Americans are particularly interested in the story of Edith...

And The Cock Crew
"I hate them all!" said old Gaspard, And in his we...

The Belgian Prince
The Belgian Prince was a British cargo steamer. On a voyage...

When Germany Lost The War
No man knows exactly when and where the three and twenty al...

The Case Of Serbia
But Belgium is not the only little nation that has been att...

Cardinal Mercier
He is an old man, nearly seventy, with thin, grayish-white ...

Nations And The Moral Law
I believe there is no permanent greatness to a nation excep...

Let Us Save The Kiddies
At 12:20 noon, on Saturday, May 1, 1915, there steamed out ...

Killing The Soul
As the centuries pass, the greatest glory of any nation, it...

The Queen's Flower
On July 25, 1918, nearly every person in Washington, the ca...

Defense Of LiÉge
To Germany's unfair and treacherous proposal that Belgium b...

War Dogs
The story of "The Animals Going to War" tells how, one by o...

Rupert Brooke
Among the losses that the World War has caused--many of the...

There are many ways of fighting, and the Germans, in their ...

They Shall Not Pass
The caves described in the Arabian Nights are not more wond...

The Battles Of The Marne
At Marathon (490 B.C.) and at Salamis (480 B.C.) the Greeks...

The God In Man
A soldier on the firing step, aiming at the enemy, is sudde...

A King Of Heroes
"King" is not a word that will go out of use when the world...


She is a wall of brass;
You shall not pass! You shall not pass!
Spring up like summer grass,
Surge at her, mass on mass,
Still shall you break like glass,
Splinter and break like shivered glass,
But pass?
You shall not pass!
Germans, you shall not, shall not pass!
God's hand has written on the wall of brass--
You shall not pass! You shall not pass!

The valleys are quaking,
The torn hills are shaking,
The earth and the sky seem breaking.
But unbroken, undoubting, a wonder and sign,
She stands, France stands, and still holds to the line.
She counts her wounded and her dead;
You shall not pass!
She sets her teeth, she bows her head;
You shall not pass!
Till the last soul in the fierce line has fled,
You shall not pass!

Help France? Help France?
Who would not, thanking God for this great chance,
Stretch out his hands and run to succor France?


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