Nations And The Moral Law

I believe there is no permanent greatness to a nation except it be

based upon morality. I do not care for military greatness or military

renown. I care for the condition of the people among whom I live.

Crowns, coronets, mitres, military display, the pomp of war, wide

colonies, and a huge empire are in my view all trifles, light as air

and not worth considering, unless with them you can have a fair share

of comfort, co
tentment, and happiness among the great body of the

people. Palaces, baronial castles, great halls, stately mansions, do

not make a nation. The nation in every country dwells in the cottage.

I ask you then to believe, as I do most devoutly believe, that the

moral law was not written for men alone in their individual character,

but that it was written as well for nations.

If nations reject and deride that moral law, there is a penalty which

will inevitably follow. It may not come at once, it may not come in our

life-time; but rely upon it, the great Italian is not a poet only, but

a prophet, when he says:

The sword of heaven is not in haste to smite,

Nor yet doth linger.