America Comes In

: Winning A Cause World War Stories

We are coming from the ranch, from the city and the mine,

And the word has gone before us to the towns upon the Rhine;

As the rising of the tide

On the Old-World side,

We are coming to the battle, to the Line.

From the Valleys of Virginia, from the Rockies in the North,

We are coming by battalions, for the word was carried forth:

We have put the pen away

And the sword is out today,

For the Lord has loosed the Vintages of Wrath.

We are singing in the ships as they carry us to fight,

As our fathers sang before us by the camp-fires' light;

In the wharf-light glare,

They can hear us Over There

When the ships come steaming through the night.

Right across the deep Atlantic where the Lusitania passed,

With the battle-flag of Yankee-land a-floating at the mast

We are coming all the while,

Over twenty hundred mile,

And we're staying to the finish, to the last.

We are many--we are one--and we're in it overhead,

We are coming as an Army that has seen its women dead,

And the old Rebel Yell

Will be loud above the shell

When we cross the top together, seeing red.